JDRumble YouTube Channel



I have enjoyed playing racing games for over a decade starting on the PlayStation 2, all the way through up to the current console generation.

Years of racing content has been uploaded to the JDRumble channel since it started in 2012. The games that I post most often are of iRacing and The Crew, but occasionally upload random videos of Fortnite, or other popular games.

Milestone - 1000 Subscribers

Early in 2018, YouTube announced that all creators with less than one-thousand subscribers would be removed from YouTube parnter and monetization status. 

This threatened the JDRumble channel as it takes a lot to upload videos, but JDRumble reached 1000 subscriber before the cutline.

About Me

I have loved auto racing and hockey since I was very young. I enjoy playing console video games and gambling as a hobby. I have created several video games that are now published on Steam. My first game was published in September of 2015.